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Healthy sleep is an indispensable pre-condition for recreation, well-being and inner harmony - at home as well on vacation. In the SAMINA Power Sleeping Rooms at the Wellnesshotel Wartherhof you are able to enjoy a recreative sleep.


The SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Concept - developed under the direction from the sleep-expert Günther W. Amann-Jennson - forms the basis for the unique Bioenergetic Sleep® in the POWER SLEEPING ROOMS. The innovation considers all orthopedically, material-caused, living space biological bioenergetic expectations for sleep of highest quality and regeneration for body, mind and soul.

Core of the POWER SLEEPING ROOMS is the holistic SAMINA sleeping-system. Without exception, the raw material used in manufacturing are natural, untreated and out of selected quality: massive, highly flexible ash-wood for the lamella of the freely suspended slat-frame; 100 % natural rubber with high point-elasticity for the mattresses; naturally pure, breathable cotton as well as 100 % organic, contaminant-free merino-wool for overlays, blankets and pillows. The used natural materials have a positive effect on recreation and sleep-quality. Verifiably, this leads to a sleep-improvement and to a better regeneration of body, mind and soul.

Unique items - hand made

SAMINA quality products pass through a lot of hands. Careful processing by hand guarantees that biological impact factors may be exploited to the full. This is what makes SAMINA products absolutely unmistakable. Behind every SAMINA sleeping system there are many hours of preparation and careful handicraft. The meticulous choice of raw materials is matched by processing that is part of a tried and tested traditional craft. For the most valuable raw materials and other materials are useless if unhealthy auxiliary materials are used in the production process or if machine-based manufacture destroys the natural vital components. Handicraft and diligent processing at SAMINA conserves the subtle energies of the natural materials used. This makes every SAMINA Sleep-Healthy-Product a unique item of outstanding quality.

Sleep-healthiness from head to toe at the Wellnesshotel Wartherhof:

- anatomically and orthopedically correct recumbence
- optimal support of the spine
- well chosen natural material, carefully treated by hand

Highest sleeping comfort is guaranteed through the harmonic and natural interaction of the single sleeping-system-components: The patented construct of the double-sided, freely suspended slat-frame causes an optimal support of the lumbar spine and brings at the same time a necessary relieve to the intervertebral discs and the musculature. Almost in real time, every movement of the body gets compensated. This enhances as well the depth as the quality of sleep. The high-quality mattress out of 100 % natural rubber passes on the effect of the slat-frame and is standing out due its optimal rebound-behavior. The naturally pure, breathable cotton and the 100 % organic merino-wool of the overlays, blankets and pillows create a unique dry-warm bedding climate.

Grounded sleeping through the Lokosana®-overlay

A further innovation at the Wellnesshotel Wartherhof is the additional furnishing of the SAMINA sleeping-systems with specific grounding-overlays. In the course of time, mankind has lost more or less its direct contact to the ground since we live, work and sleep isolated to the earth. Grounded sleeping cares for the necessary compensation and is like walking bare-footed for 7 to 8 hours. This leads to a measurably better sleep and better regeneration of body, mind and soul. In addition to that, through biological important magnetic fields the body recovers during sleep and becomes charged with vital energy. Thereby, the organism also is protected from harmful influences of electromagnetic pollution.

Günther W. Amann-Jennson
Founder of Bioenergetic® Sleep

"Wellness and recreation are impossible without healthy sleep. The innovation POWER SLEEPING ROOMS considers all sleep-biological factors and guarantees you - as guest of this hotel - an ultimate sleeping-experience. In this sense - sleep well!"

Further information: www.samina.com