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lomi lomi nui

Wellness im Warther Hof - Keyvisual

Lomi Lomi Nui, also known simply as Lomi Lomi, is a temple massage from Hawaii. 

Lomi Lomi Nui can be translated as "unique, firm kneading" and ist he term used for a special type of massage.

A Lomi massage on your wellness holiday in Vorarlberg won’t just relax you, it will also purify your body, soul and spirit.

The treatment in our wellness hotel in the Arlberg mountains begins with the back, which, according to the Shaman perspective, represents the past. Finally the front of the body is treated with the stomach being the place that represents feelings and memories.

The therapists in our hotel in Warth in the Arlberg mountains don’t just work with their hands, they also use the entire lower arm and the elbows. 

With these techniques, wellness in Warth can be a gentle and calming experience as well as a challenging one that relieves pain and reduces deep tension.


90 minutes  - EUR 145.00