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Salz und Öl für ihre Wellnessanwendung im Warther Hof
Gesund schlafen im Warther Hof mit Samina.
Wasserhanh in der Warther Lebensquelle, dem Wellnessbereich unseres 4*s Hotels in Warth.


The whole body is oiled in steady rhythms in the spa in the Arlberg. Extensive sweeping and circular movements release cleansing impulses, activate the flow of energy and lymph and tighten the skin during a wellness holiday in Vorarlberg. A deep feeling of well-being from head to toe with warm sesame oil in our hotel in Warth.

65 minutes - EUR 120.00



Raw silk gloves on your skin! A cleansing, stimulating and full-body peeling treatment that promotes blood circulation in our hotel in Warth. Warmth flows through your whole body during your holiday in Vorarlberg.

50 minutes - EUR 80.00



The head, facial, throat, décolleté, shoulder and neck massage with warm sesame oil gives you a feeling of pure relaxation during your wellness holiday in Vorarlberg. Escape everyday life, forget space and time in our wellness hotel...

40 minutes - EUR 68.00



Your feet deserve attention - they will carry you for a lifetime! The ayurvedic leg massage in our hotel in the Arlberg has a very soothing and corrective effect for headaches, sleep disorders, nervousness and sensations of coldness. With special hand movements and warm sesame oil, your legs and feet will be pampered during your wellness holiday in Vorarlberg in Warth.

40 minutes - EUR 68.00