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Miraculous powers of the Alps

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„Alpienne“ products are made from natural and pure Alpine resources. They contain active ingredients stemming from wild growing plants, which have been carefully processed following traditional methods. Alpienne products do not contain chemical or other artificial additives.


Marmot oil

The “oil of life” is an ideal treatment for rheumatic pain, skin diseases, arthritis, gout, sciatica, slipped disks and lumbago.

St. John’s Wort

This is a well-known remedy effective for burns, sunburns, scars and skin irritations. It also acts to prevent stretch marks.


Effectively treats contusions, bruises, swelling, sprains, sore muscles and varicose veins

Ear candling

Enjoy the spicy herb and honey scents of India and the candle’s soft crackling noise. Treat yourself to this intensive, pleasant experience for a feeling of harmony and peace.

25 minutes EUR 30,–

Honey and pine bath

This natural pine bath deeply relaxes your body and muscles with the power of the Alps and reduces the strain on heart and metabolism.

1 person // 30 minutesEUR 32,–

2 persons // 30 minutes EUR 40,–

You can buy marmot oil, St. John’s Wort and Arnica at the Hotel am Arlberg. Also for sale are Swiss stone pine cushions, which slow down heart and metabolism, reduce heart frequency and result in improved sleep patterns and general tranquillity.