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Climbing Paradise

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summer holidays at the arlberg

Climbing for all abilities, new climbing walls and the Via Ferrata Karhorn that was recently extended by 400 metres. Both beginners and professionals enjoy a variety of opportunities. Numerous peaks around Warth Schröcken provide climbing experiences for all abilities and local Alpine schools offer guided tours of popular peaks such as the great Widderstein (2533m, difficulty level IV to VI+) and the Biberkopf (2599m, difficulty level IV to VI+).


The Via Ferrata Karhorn, as well as the in 2009 built Via Ferrata Karhorn West Ridge, is a highlight for beginners.


The new climbing park Schrofenwies attracts many beginners and professionals alike. With a length of 20 to 25 meters and difficulty levels ranging from IV to IX, it is well suited for children and beginners. The area also has a barbecue inviting climbers to a welcome break.

Weekly climbing courses for children:

The Alpine school Schröcken organises weekly climbing courses for children that make young mountaineers enjoy their first experiences on the rock. Techniques and knots are taught in a professional yet playful manner and first attempts at climbing can soon follow. An unforgettable experience for your little ones!