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Head massage

Set your spirit free with a feel-good head massage.

25 minutes - EUR 35.00

Completely relaxed: St. Barth relaxation massage

The body is pampered with fragrant products from St. Barth during your wellness holiday in Vorarlberg, and the full body treatment is rounded off with a relaxing head massage in our wellness hotel.

Deep relaxation and regained energy in our hotel in the Arlberg.

70 minutes - EUR 95.00

Happy hours: full-body massage

A beneficial full body massage in the following regions: legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck (also stomach on request). Mental blocks and tension are relaxed during a winter holiday in the Arlberg.

50 minutes - EUR 65.00


Make the skin tingle: foot reflex zone massage

Activation of the individual foot reflex zones for relaxed feet and general well-being during your wellness holiday in Vorarlberg in the hotel in Warth.

25 minutes- EUR 35.00

50 minutes- EUR 65.00

That feels good: partial body massage

Classic partial body massage that relaxes your choice of shoulders/neck, back or legs during a wellness holiday in Vorarlberg.

25 minutes - EUR 35.00

Lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage helps you to soothe heavy legs and headaches during your holiday in Vorarlberg. The immune system is strengthened so you can start your next days in Warth actively.

25 minutes - EUR 35.00

50 minutes - EUR 65.00